Wedding Flower FAQ's

When brides and their families visit us to discuss their wedding flowers, they ask many good questions. We welcome questions; they help us understand your needs and concerns and allow us the opportunity to explain our products and services so that you will feel comfortable with Village Gardens and confident in our commitment to excellence.

Below are some questions most frequently asked by our brides. We hope this will answer some of your questions, too. We know, however, that you may have many more questions about wedding flowers so please e-mail Dana at or call her at 888.655.2336 ext 105. She will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns with you. 

It is a good idea to begin considering your floral options four to six months before your wedding and after you have chosen your bridesmaids' dresses. The color of the bridesmaid dresses usually sets your theme. If your wedding date falls on or near a major holiday such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, then you should order sooner because sometimes florists find it necessary to limit the number of weddings they handle on these very busy holidays.

I don't know anything about making flower choices. Can you help me?

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Absolutely! Review our web site to get ideas. Make an appointment to meet with one of our Wedding Consultants. Ask questions. Get answers. We are happy to listen to you and will offer suggestions and direction. Your wedding is important to us. You are important to us. We want you to feel confident and comfortable with your decisions, and we want to help you make your special day beautiful and memorable.

Does Village Gardens offer non-floral decorations to help embellish the church, hall or club?


Yes, our Wedding Consultants can show you many decorative possibilities. Village Gardens provides adornments such as trellises, arches, candelabras, fountains, pedestals, plants, runners and much, much more. Ask one of our professionals to guide you through your options.

Are all flowers available year round?

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While many flowers are available throughout the year, there are those that bloom during specific seasons. For example, sunflowers, heather, tulips and lily of the valley are seasonal. Other flowers, such as roses and carnations, are readily available yea round. Our Wedding Consultants know which flowers are available to you. They are happy to show you your choices and make recommendations.

I live out-of-state and will be coming back to Kansas City for my wedding. How can I best plan for the flowers while I'm out-of-state?

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We frequently work with out-of-state brides. Look over our web site. We can work with you via e-mail or phone. When you know you're coming to town, make an appointment to visit us. A Wedding Consultant will work with you to confirm your choices. You will come in again or phone us two weeks prior to your wedding to finalize your order.

When will the flowers be delivered?

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Village Gardens trained personnel deliver wedding flowers when and where you need them. Our timely, courteous delivery staff can deliver to your home, church and reception. Do you want all the bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres delivered to the church along with the ceremonial decorations? In that case the flowers arrive at least one hour prior to the ceremony. Do you need the bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres delivered to your home for photographs? We can do that too, when you need them. Reception flowers are delivered to the hall or club as agreed upon. Whatever you need… we deliver.

What are your guarantees for flower availability, freshness and substitutions?

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During the ordering process, our Wedding Consultants inform you of the flower choices that will be available to you at the time of your wedding. When your arrangements are prepared, our design professionals use only the freshest, best quality flowers to create your arrangements. If a substitution becomes necessary, we notify the bride. We have many varieties of flowers at all times from which to choose a substitute. You will always get a flower that is comparable to your original selection and complementary to your arrangement.

How do the flowers stay fresh? Will they last all day

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We are frequently asked these questions. Based on the types of arrangements you choose, we advise you how to care for your particular selections as well as give you general flower care information. For example, a hand tied bouquet should rest in a water source, like a glass or a vase, when you are not carrying it. When you receive your flowers, it is best to handle them as little as possible before the ceremony. Flowers are delicate and naturally sensitive to bruises and temperature changes. Do not expose your flowers to extreme temperatures. At 32 degrees or less, flowers freeze and become discolored and damaged when they are returned to a warmer temperature. Wearing coats over corsages or boutonnieres will crush them. It is best to transport your flowers in the container in which they are delivered. A little care and common sense will insure that your wedding flowers stay beautiful all day.

How do I make an appointment with Village Gardens?

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It is easy. Simply fill out our consultation form or call us at 888.655.2336 ext 105. We will schedule a time that is convenient for you. The appointment takes about 1 hour and is free of charge.