Wedding Flower Cost Estimator

The Wedding Flower Calculator is designed to help determine your wedding flower budget. Estimates are based on average prices for wedding-related floral items using less expensive flowers, moderately-priced flowers or higher end products.

You can "mix and match" between price "Economy", "Most Popular" and "Premium" flowers. Under each price category you can enter how many of each item will be needed. The worksheet automatically calculates the *totals by price category and provides a "Mix-N-Match" Grand Total. Retyping your quantities will update the totals. 

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* Please Note: This spreadsheet is for estimating and calculating a flower budget only. Your actual costs will be determined by the flowers you choose, the time of year your wedding takes place and many other factors. It is meant solely as an overview based on average prices. Sales tax is added as required by state law. Delivery and set up charges are not included in the estimator spreadsheet.