Gather Information For The Consultation

Selecting your wedding flowers is a fun and much anticipated activity. You carry in your heart fond memories of beautiful flowers and ideas about sentimental and seasonal favorites. It is also helpful to bring with you the following information. By answering these questions beforehand and jotting down some ideas, measurements, contact info, etc., you will make the most of your time during your consultation thereby allowing you to concentrate on choosing the perfect flowers for your cherished day.
What are the bride and groom's names, addresses, phone numbers (home, cell and work) and e-mail addresses?

  • Who will be in the bridal party and what are their functions?
  • What are the date, time and location of the ceremony?
  • Are there any restrictions regarding floral usage at the ceremony? Some churches have restrictions on the size or location of altar arrangements, pew bows and pew bows with flowers.
  • Check to see if another ceremony will be held earlier in the day, the time of which may affect the time we can arrive to decorate for your wedding.
  • Do you intend to order an aisle runner? Check the length of the aisle.
  • What are the date, time and location of the reception?
  • Are there any restrictions regarding floral usage at the reception?
  • When can our staff arrive to set up the floral arrangements at the reception?
  • Are you planning to take photos before the ceremony? If so, when and where?
  • Are you planning to decorate your wedding cake with flowers? If so, then we will need the baker's name and phone number so that we can coordinate this activity with the baker.
  • Is there a special mood or atmosphere that you would like us to create for your wedding?
  • What are your favorite flowers?
  • What is the style and color of the bride's dress?

          -    Bridesmaids' dresses         
          -    Flower girl's dress
          -    Groom's tuxedo or suit
          -    Best man's tuxedo or suit
          -    Groomsmen's tuxedos or suits
          -    Ring bearer's tuxedo or suit

  • Who receives boutonnieres? Consider the following men: the men in the bridal party, fathers, grandfathers, godfathers, uncles, ushers, greeters, male readers, male vocalists and musicians.
  • Who receives corsages? Consider the following women: mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, aunts, greeters, female readers, female vocalists and musicians.
  • Do you have any photos or clippings from magazines, newspapers or other media of floral arrangements and flowers that you like? Bring them with you to your consultation so that we can have a good visual idea of what you like and offer compatible suggestions.
  • Where will the bridal shower be held? Consider flowers or blooming plants for each table. Small blooming plants in clusters of four or five at each table make lovely centerpieces. Corsages for the bridal party add a special touch.
  • Would you like a centerpiece arrangement for your rehearsal dinner? Corsages and boutonnieres for the attendants are a thoughtful gesture at this traditional dinner of appreciation for your family and friends.